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People and Their Places

Hello, dear readers. I would like to introduce to you a new topic that has piqued my interest recently. People and their places. We all have one, that “place” we love that makes us feel like the better version of ourselves or makes us feel safe or is it simply a place of easy repose, whatever that may be for each of us. And that “place” is unique to each of us. It may not be located in our homes. But I ask, why is this place so significant, and how can we discuss this intangible idea that’s more of a wordless sensory experience? Isn't the sensory experience explanation enough without needing words to define it? Not everyone associates the same feelings with the same sensory experiences, nor does an environment evoke the same, That area of thought leads me to another of my favorite topics of discussion: synesthesia. The curiously genius condition in which one type of stimulation arouses the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color. But I digress.

If everyone has a different "place" then everyone has a different explanation for why that place is meaningful or peaceful to them. That's the intriguing part. As much as I love reading a good piece on home decor, feeling like I understand feng-shui, or flipping through the Wall Street Journal magazine for the decor and architecture photos, all those places we see in those photos are just empty places that tempt the eye with a well-thought-out palette and arrangement of furniture. That place will remain an empty shell until it means something to someone. That is what elevates a space into a “place”. Infuse yourself into the things you create, and let yourself breathe into your own spaces: Make them your own. To start this new series off I have interviewed someone very near and dear to me - My brother. His "place" in the interview is the bedroom of his apartment in his last days as a bachelor, before he wed his beautiful fiancée (they are now wed and very happy).

Each forthcoming post in People and Their Places will feature an interview with photos of the person and their “place”. If you are interested in being featured (or know someone who should be featured) you can contact me through my email:

I hope you enjoy!

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