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Moznaim Libra: The Season of Balance

We are starting the 1st Hebrew month of Tishrei (תשרי) and we are celebrating all of the Moznaim Libras out there!  If you or someone you know was born between September and October you have the mazal of the balance called Moznaim (מאזניים) in Hebrew and more commonly known as Libra. 

The Hebrew interpretations of an astral sign or mazal focuses on characteristic traits of the person rather than a prediction of their future.

The beauty of the Hebrew zodiac or Mazalot is that all of these qualities are in each of us more or less, but a person born under his specific mazal bears the full benefit and responsibility of their corresponding qualities and characteristics.

Born between September and October in the Hebrew month of Tishrei (תשרי) a person has the mazal of Scales (Moznaim in Hebrew מאזניים). According to Jewish tradition, this mazal is associated with the Air element, the planet Venus, and the biblical tribe of Ephraim (אפרים) the Transmation. A person born under the sign of Moznaim has the character traits of diplomacy and cooperation. A Moznaim is social. A Moznaim can be indecisive and often time jump to extremes. A Moznaim must perform good deeds to secure a good future for themselves.

The symbol of Moznaim Libra is a pair of scales or balance, this is one of my favorite signs because it represents so many important things in life. Finding balance in every aspect of our life is so crucial, we can devote our whole life to learn how to find that balance. Balance in relationships, the balance between our spiritual needs and material needs, and balance in how where we devote our time.

In Jewish tradition, a Moznaim Libra needs to work hard to balance themselves between the spiritual and the physical world. In every aspect of their life, they will need to infuse balance. Moznaim Librans are encouraged to give donations and use their money to perform good deeds in the world so as to infuse spirituality in their finances. Moznaim Librans are social which means they usually communicate easily, are easy to love, and are often very stylish or care about their physical appearance. These qualities can be used positively, but they must be infused with spirituality so as not to become superficial and vain.

Moznaim Librans can easily discern the truth and know who really cares for them which means they can easily discern between what they want and what others want for them. This quality makes Moznaim Librans very independent and a quietly powerful force to be around. 

During this special time of year when we celebrate the Jewish holidays of Rosh HaShana (the Jewish new year), Yom Kippur (the holiest day when we are the closest to Gd), Sukkot (the holiday commemorating G-d's provision for the Jewish people while we wandered in the Sinai desert), and my favorite, Simchat Torah (celebration of the day the Jews were given the Torah) we spend a lot of time and energy preparing for these holy celebrations but it's very important to find the time and energy to enjoy the holy day and take part in the spiritual significance of each one. 

Moznaim Libra is such a beautiful mazal for this season, may we all find the balance we need in during this busy, significant time of year. 


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