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Calculator: What's Your Sign?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Moon Phases

You're more than likely one of three types of people when someone asks you "What is your sign?". You either have no idea what they are asking, you know what their asking but you think star signs are a load of rubbish, or you do know your sign and you more or less believe that it accurately describes you as a person. If you either of the first two descriptions are you then this calculator is for you! Whether you're just learning about the concept of Astrology (Hebrew based or not) or you do in fact think Astrology is a load of rubbish, this calculator and many of my blog posts are a great way to familiarize yourself with the concept of the Hebrew zodiac and Jewish astrology.

The largest difference that sets Jewish Astrology and the Hebrew zodiac apart from other astrological beliefs is the understanding that the stars and constellations that we are born under and make up our star sign do not control our actions, predict the future, or hold powers over us. Rather the Hebrew zodiac in Jewish Astrology gives us insights into our personality traits, characteristics, and areas of thinking that we may need to work on improving within ourselves.

In the future, I will be writing some posts explaining each sign more in depth as well as writing informative posts about the basis and history of Jewish Astrology. Its an enigmatic topic that we have barely scratched the surface of in this post.

If you match the third description above and love learning about Astrology and your star sign, then I hope you too will find this calculator helpful in learning even more about your sign.

I have partnered with to make this calculator available to you all and I hope you enjoy it! In the drop down windows below select your "regular"/Gregorian birth date, then click calculate, and your Hebrew zodiac sign will appear!

Your Hebrew zodiac sign may correspond with your "standard" zodiac or it may be different that you expect, this is because the Jewish calendar is lunar rather than solar based like the Gregorian calendar. Now that you know your sign, you can go to my SHOP page and find a collection of products that correspond to your Hebrew zodiac sign!

I would love to hear your questions or thoughts about the Hebrew zodiac and Jewish Astrology, so please comment here and lets start discussing!



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