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My name is Ellie Marie, creator of Poppy Hayoun. Here you will find posts about my life, things I love, recipes, advice, and wonderment.  Poppy Hayoun represents the idea that everything embodies meaning, every idea can change the course of life, and that all life exemplifies the really living Truth. I am Poppy Hayoun.

I hope you enjoy reading, as much as I enjoy sharing.

Everything Embodies Meaning

That concept is not easy to incorporate into a daily modern life. It’s much easier to decide which ideas, objects, peoples, and responsibilities hold “real meaning” in our lives, instead of considering that everything embodies meaning. Too often we discard things that through countless conveniences we have alleviated ourselves of the need for interaction with and emotion from. Shame. Only in those moments of true interaction and emotion do we feel each other on this planet. Each day we manufacture new conveniences that are supposed to make our lives less stressful and afford us more time to do what we really love. But really it seems that each day there is more to consume and less to digest. Conveniences can be perceived as the antonym of creature comforts. Often we feel uncomfortable being encouraged by countless industries to replace that well-worn standard with something that can clean your house and brew your tea for you but invokes no feeling whatsoever. That is my own feeling on the matter, most days. But when I do open myself up to change and progress, I consider that perhaps each convenience should be allowing more time for ingenuity and opportunity. I am reminded that “Everything in moderation; including moderation”. There is a balance to all things. Every convenience can be used for benefit or for sloth. The journey is finding that balance: How can I use this to benefit myself and others? Why should I give up the old for something new, merely because it’s new? To what extent do I allow convenience to influence my way of life? Allowing yourself to assume responsibility for what you are consuming can make dearer the most intimate loves (read: creature comforts) in your life by comparison of composition and meaning.