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Betula Virgo: The Season of Introspection

Girl Wearing Betula Virgo Tshirt

We are starting the 6th Hebrew month of Elul (אלול)and that means it’s time to celebrate all of the loyal “virgins” out there! If you or someone you know was born between August and September, you have the mazal of the virgin called Betula (בתולה) in Hebrew and more commonly known as Virgo. 

The Hebrew interpretations of an astral sign or mazal focuses on characteristic traits of the person rather than prediction of their future.

The beauty of the Hebrew zodiac or Mazalot is that all these qualities are in each of us more or less but a person born under his specific mazal bears the full benefit and responsibility of their corresponding qualities and characteristics. 

A Betula Virgo is a change in character from the preceding two mazalot, Sartan Cancer and Ariye Leo of the hot summer months of Tammuz/July and Av/August. Sartan Cancer and Ariye Leo are passionate, fire-y personalities whereas the Betula Virgo is more conservative and emotionally restrained. 

Emotionally restrained does not mean that a Betula Virgo does not know how to express their feelings, it merely means they are better at restraining themselves from reacting based purely on emotions. A Betula Virgo represents the inner-most “virgin” part of each of us, the part of us that remains untouched or unblemished by cynicism.. A Betula Virgo is more conservative and analytical in their thinking, observing and scrutinizing others and their decisions before they make their own, that when they make their decision, they make each decision with purpose. 

In their search for order and discipline, Betula Virgo can be critical of themselves and others often to the point of being judgmental and doubtful that others can or will meet their high standards either personally or professionally. 

The loyalty and kindness of a Betula Virgo means they are long-lasting friends that constantly wish to improve themselves for their own betterment and that of their friends. Betula Virgos may seem stand-offish and even judgmental at first meet, but with time, in a meaningful relationship, the Betula Virgo will prove themselves as devoted.

As the summer begins to wane, the Betula Virgo brings the beginning of cooler months of reflection and introspective growth. For the Betula Virgos: don’t be too hard on yourself and remember to invite a little bit of positive chaos into your life in the form of new friends and different experiences. Share your wisdom with us and be open to your feelings, Betula Virgos!

Betula Virgo Drawing

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