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A Bit About Sizing...

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Because each item in our shop is created to order, its best to know your measurements so you can better select a size and avoid needing to exchange or return your choice because of a sizing issue.

As a sustainable company, we like to keep an open conversation about the realities of e-commerce buying and how our purchases impact the larger fashion industry as well as the environment.

The question of whether returns are sustainable or not is not an easy question to answer, but for every item ordered and then returned or exchanged, the energy and time that went into creating and shipping that order could have been saved with some proper planning.

We are in this together! I want you to enjoy your purchase as much as you want to enjoy your purchase and if you're shopping at Poppy Hayoun its likely that we also share a desire to limit our impact on the environment. Let's keep this conversation going! If you have any questions about sizing, please contact us at before making your purchase. We would love to help you understand your measurements and chose a garment, this not only lowers the environmental impact we make together but it is also an opportunity for us to get to know each other!

Size is just a number, its the fit that's really what's important. Taking your measurements will help determine which size you should choose for the fit you prefer. Though our clothes are categorized by male and female sizing, using your measurements is a good way to determine if you may prefer a fit that isn't in a "standard" category: an oversize 'boyfriend' hoodie (coming soon), a slim fit t-shirt, or a more unisex-fit sweatshirt (coming soon).

Our t-shirts are fitted so if you prefer a looser fit I recommend ordering a size up, but not before you've taken your measurements and ask for some friendly guidance from one of us on this side of things. : )

Looking forward to meeting you,


Continue below to see size guides for each of our items!

Womens T-Shirt

Baby T-Shirt

Men's T-Shirt

Kids T-Shirt

Happy shopping!

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