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Woman Sitting on Mountain in Negev Desert

My name is Avigail Ellie Hayoun, creator of Poppy Hayoun Designs a place where I can share my writing and creations with you.

Writer, Zionist, epicure, amateur artist, bibliophile, environmentalist,  mycophile, composter

Draw Map of Negev Desert and Sunbird House

Born in South Dakota, raised in Texas, I made aliyah (immigrated) to Israel several years ago after dreaming since I was a child about living where I feel most at home. Now I'm here, making my life at Sunbird House in the Negev Desert. 

My husband and I take care of Sunbird House together and we are always dreaming up ways to make our home more environmentally friendly (solar power is next on our list) and our lifestyle more sustainable(rooftop vegetable garden 2022!). I am a full-time Software Engineer student and full-time Ima to my two boys. Life is full and life is good. 

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you found something you loved reading or connecting to. You can subscribe below for PHD updates straight to you inbox (no spam ever, promise).


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