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About me:

I spent most of my early 20’s looking for my purpose in life, that perfect career, and that degree that would open all the doors; thankfully it only took me six years to realize that not everyone is made to travel down those roads. After completing a degree in general Science, I started focusing on creativity and exploring mediums that interested me. Poppy Hayoun Designs is the road I’m paving for myself. A world of designs created from my ideas and inspired by the world around me.

One of my greatest inspirations is Leonardo Da Vinci though not for his beautiful paintings but for his private journals. Da Vinci’s journals reveal a world of art, inventions, poetry, plays, mathematical algorithms, musical scores, and science experiments most of which were left unfinished. This unfinished genius was the fuel that fired the works and inventions he did finish and that he is famous for today. The inspiration I gather from Da Vinci is: create, create and never stop creating. The measure of success is not how many ideas one completes, but rather which ideas are worth completing. Poppy Hayoun Designs is the idea worth completing.


Poppy Hayoun Designs is the collected, curated, and created.

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Things I Love

Desert Landscape
Emperor Penguins
French Femme Marion Cotillard
British Television Shows
Brut Champagne
Partisan Fighters
Viking Ship
T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia)
Gypsy Music
Ducati Cafe Racer
Peter Max Every Day Earth Day
Rolex White Bull Terrier
Matisse Odalisque in Red Culottes
Women in Turbans
Tintin with Snowy
Personal Library
WSJ Magazine