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Welcome to Poppy Hayoun Designs

My name is Avigail and I live in the Negev desert in Israel. This website is a space for me to share my life with you whether that's gardening at Sunbird House, cooking something nourishing in the kitchen, or letting my mind wander through the many creative ideas I work on (and sometimes don't complete).

You will find lots of unique artwork, easy-to-make recipes of Middle Eastern fusion dishes, a blog sharing my life at Sunbird House, book reviews, and so much more. 

Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and join me in this space, a reflection of my home.

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The Hebrew Zodiac

A series of my Hebrew mazalot drawings on organic cotton t-shirts. By explaining the true meaning of each of the Hebrew mazalot signs, my intention with this series is to create familiarity with a lesser-known part of Judaism: the Hebrew Zodiac. 

taleh tshirt no bg.png
Zodiac Calculator
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Don't know what your Hebrew Zodiac sign is? Use the Hebrew Zodiac calculator on this page to find out! Then enter my shop page to find a t-shirt made just for you

Want to learn more about the Hebrew mazalot?
Head to the blog to read more about what makes each of us unique!

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Life at Sunbird House

SunBird House is our home in the South of Israel, located in the north of the Negev desert near mountains and a forest.  We moved into Sunbird House after six months of renovations that transformed our home from a dilapidated rental into the home where we work, cook, create, love, and live. In here you can see before and after photos of Sunbird House and keep up with current updates and renovations.

Plain Sun Button.png

In Sunbird Garden

With Sunbird house came a 25-year-old garden overgrown with invasive imported plants and scattered with discarded clay pots. A project to last a lifetime. After removing the invasive and poisonous species during renovations, Sunbird garden was ready to begin its lifelong transformation into a space to grow our own food, keep bees, and enjoy the old fruit trees, We are cultivating our own green paradise in the desert bursting with fruit trees, tropical plants,  and desert succulents.

Golden Sun Drawing

Haiku From
the Negev

do you write haiku?
I do. The desert, the trees, 
the wind, and the bees./

Read and read some more?
Share my love of books, I do implore.
Currently reading and books reviewed; join me and try a few.

Book Lovers Alight Here

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